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Colloid Chemistry and Self-assembly  



Editorial Overview. Patchy Colloidal Particles

A Patti, S Sacanna, K Velikov

Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 


Preparation of colloidal organosilica spheres through spontaneous emulsification

C.  van der Wel, R. K. Bhan, R. W. Verweij, H. C. Frijters, Z. Gong, A. D. Hollingsworth, S. Sacanna, and D. J. Kraft



Dielectrophoretic assembly of dimpled colloids into open packing structures.

Z. Jia,  S. Sacanna,  and  S. S. Lee

Soft Matter


Unstable fronts and motile structures formed by microrollers.

M. Driscoll, B. Delmotte, M. Youssef, S. Sacanna, A. Donev & P. Chaikin.

Nature Physics. 


Colloids Can "see" the Light

T. Hueckel, and S. Sacanna





Shapeshifting Colloids via Stimulated Dewetting.

M. Youssef, T. Hueckel, G. Yi, and S. Sacanna.

Nature Commmunications.


Core-shell particles for simultaneous three-dimensional imaging and optical tweezing in dense colloidal materials.

Y. Liu, K.V. Edmond, A. Curran, C. Bryant, B. Peng, D.G.A.L. Aarts, S. Sacanna and R.P.A. Dullens

Advanced Materials.


Trochoidal trajectories of self-propelled Janus particles in a diverging laser beam.

H. Moyses, J. Palacci, S. Sacanna and D.G. Grier.

Soft Matter.




Artificial Rheotaxis

J. Palacci, S. Sacanna, A. Abramian, J. Barral, K. Hanson, A. Grosberg, D.J. Pine and P.M. Chaikin.

Science Advance.


Shape-sensitive crystallization in colloidal superball fluids.

L. Rossi, V. Soni, D. J. Ashton, D.J. Pine, A.P. Philipse, P.M. Chaikin,M. Dijkstra, S. Sacanna and W.T.M. Irvine



Binding Kinetics of Lock and Key Colloids.    

L.Colón-Meléndez, D. J. Beltran-Villegas, G. van Anders, J. Liu, M. Spellings, S. Sacanna, D.J. Pine, S.C. Glotzer, R.G. Larson and M.J. Solomon.

The Journal of Chemical Physics.




Re-entrant thermal melting in polymer-colloid mixtures as a consequence of competing entropic and enthalpic attractions

L. Feng, B. Laderman, S. Sacanna, and P.M. Chaikin

Nature Materials.


Light Activated Self-propelled Colloids

J. Palacci, S. Sacanna, S.-H. Kim, G.-R. Yi, D.J. Pine and P.M. Chaikin.

Philosophical Transactions A.


Digital Colloids: Reconfigurable Clusters as High Information Density Elements

C. Phillips, E. Jankowski, B. Krishnatreya, K. Edmond, S. Sacanna, D. Grier, D.J. Pine and S. Glotzer.  

Soft Matter.


Three-Dimensional Lock and Key Colloids

Y. Wang, Y. Wang, X. Zheng, G. Yi, S. Sacanna, D. Pine and M. Weck.





Engineering shape: the novel geometries of colloidal self-assembly    *Review Article*

S. Sacanna, D.J. Pine and G-R Yi

Soft Matter.


Recent progress on patchy colloids and their self-assembly     *Review Article*

G-R Yi, D.J. Pine and S. Sacanna

J. Phys. Condensed Matter.


Ultrasmooth, Highly Spherical Monocrystalline Gold Particles for Precision Plasmonics

Y. Lee, N.B. Schade, L. Sun, J.A. Fan, D.R. Bae, M.M. Mariscal, G. Lee, F. Capasso, S. Sacanna, V.N. Manoharan, G. Yi.

ACS Nano.


Photo activated colloidal dockers for cargo transportation

J. Palacci, S. Sacanna, A. Vatchinsky, P.M. Chaikin, and D.J. Pine.



Self-assembly of spherical colloidal particles with off-centered magnetic dipoles

A. Abrikossov, S. Sacanna, A.P. Philipse, and P. Linse.

Soft Matter.


Emerging structural disorder in a suspension of uniformly dimpled colloidal particles

S.J. Ivell, R.P.A. Dullens, S. Sacanna, and D.G.A.L. Aarts.

Soft Matter.


Shaping colloids for self-assembly

S. Sacanna, M. Korpics, K. Rodriguez, L. Colon-Melendez, S-H. Kim, D.J. Pine and G-R. Yi.

Nature Communications.


Living Crystals of Light Activated Colloidal Surfers

J. Palacci, S. Sacanna, A. P. Steinberg, D.J. Pine, P.M. Chaikin


*Highlighted in: Los Angeles Times, Wired, Ars Technica, New Scientist, The Verge, Engadget, Gizmodo*




Synthesis and assembly of colloidal particles with sticky dimples

S. Kim, A.D. Hollingsworth, S. Sacanna, D.J. Pine, and G. Yi



Magnetic click colloidal assembly

S. Sacanna, L. Rossi and D.J. Pine





Cubic Crystals from Cubic Colloids

L. Rossi, S. Sacanna, W.T.M. Irvine, P.M. Chaikin, D.J. Pine and A.P. Philipse

Soft Matter.


Shape-anisotropic colloids: Building blocks for complex assemblies     *Review Article*

S. Sacanna and D.J. Pine

Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science.


Lock and Key Colloids through Polymerization-Induced Buckling of Monodisperse Silicon Oil Droplets

S.Sacanna, W.T.M. Irvine, L. Rossi and D.J. Pine

Soft Matter.


Cholesteric colloidal liquid crystals from phytosterol rod-like particles

L. Rossi, S. Sacanna, and K. Velikov

Soft Matter.




Conditions for Equilibrium Solid-Stabilized Emulsions

D.J. Kraft, J.W.J. de Folter, B. Luigjes, S.I.R. Castillo, S. Sacanna, A.P. Philipse, and W.K. Kegel

J. Phys. Chem. B.


Lock and Key Colloids

S. Sacanna, W.T.M. Irvine, P.M. Chaikin and D.J. Pine


*Highlighted in: Nature News & Views, 464, 496-498 (2010) and ChemPhysChem, (2010)*




Direct Observation of Colloidal Aggregation by Critical Casimir Forces

D. Bonn, J. Otwinowski, S. Sacanna, H. Guo, G. Wegdam and P. Schall

Physical Review Letters.


Characterization of anisotropic nano-particles by using depolarized dynamic light scattering in the near field

D. Brogioli, D. Salerno, V. Cassina, S. Sacanna, A. P. Philipse, F. Croccolo, and F. Mantegazza

Optics Express.




Observation of a shape-dependent density maximum in random packings and glasses of colloidal silica ellipsoids

S. Sacanna, L. Rossi, A.Wouterse and A.P. Philipse

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 19, 376108 (2007).


Oil-in-water emulsification induced by ellipsoidal hematite colloids: evidence for hydrolysis-mediated self-assembly

S. Sacanna, L. Rossi and A.P. Philipse

Langmuir, 23 (20), 9974-9982 (2007).


Spontaneous oil-in-water emulsification induced by charge-stabilized dispersions of various inorganic colloids

S. Sacanna, W. K. Kegel and A.P. Philipse

Langmuir, 23 (21), 10486-10492 (2007).


A generic single-step synthesis of monodisperse core-shell colloids based on spontaneous Pickering emulsification

S. Sacanna and A.P. Philipse

Advanced Materials, 9 (22), 3824-3826 (2007).


Thermodynamically stable Pickering emulsions

S. Sacanna, W. K. Kegel and A.P. Philipse

Physical Review Letters, 98, 158301 (2007).


Preparation and Properties of Monodisperse latex spheres with controlled magnetic moment for field-induced colloidal crystallization and (dipolar) chain formation

S. Sacanna and A.P. Philipse

Langmuir, 22(24), 145-149 (2007).




Low-Frequency Complex Magnetic Susceptibility of Magnetic Composite Microspheres in Colloidal Dispersion

B. Ern ́e, M. Claesson, S. Sacanna, M. Klokkenburg, E. Bakelaar, B. Kuipers

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 311, 10209-10216 (2006).


Many-body Hydrodynamic Interactions in Charge-stabilized Suspensions

A. J. Banchio, J. Gapinski, A. Patkowski, W. Haußler, A. Fluerasu, S. Sacanna, P. Holmqvist, G. Meier, M. P. Lettinga, and G. Nagele

Physical Review Letters, 96(13), 138303 (2006)


Fluorescent Monodisperse Silica Ellipsoids for Rotational Diffusion Studies

S. Sacanna, L. Rossi, B.W.M. Kuipers and A.P. Philipse

Langmuir, 22(4), 1822-1827 (2006)




Stability of mixtures of charged silica, silica-alumina, and magnetite colloids

J.L. Viota, M. Rasa, S. Sacanna and A.P. Philipse

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 290(2), 419-425 (2005)




Microemulsion Synthesis of Fluorinated Latex Spheres

S. Sacanna, G.H. Koenderink, and A.P. Philipse

Langmuir, 20(19), 8398-8400 (2004)




Rotational and translational diffusion of fluorocarbon tracer spheres in semidilute xanthan solutions

G.H. Koenderink, S. Sacanna, D.G.A.L. Aarts, and A.P. Philipse

Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 69(2-1), (2001)


Preparation and Properties of Optically Transparent Aqueous Dispersions of Monodisperse Fluorinated Colloids

G.H. Koenderink, S. Sacanna, C. Pathmamanoharan, M. Rasa, and A.P. Philipse

Langmuir, 17 (20), 6086 -6093 (2001)